Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Different Blue by Amy Harmon - 5 Stars

A Different Blue by Amy Harmon - 5 Stars


"Once upon a time there was a little blackbird who was pushed out of the nest, unwanted."  This is the story about Blue Echohawk.  She has been dealt a bad hand in life but uses her tough exterior to press on.  She is lost.  She doesn't know who she is, where she is from or where she is going.  This book was a "suggested" read from Amazon and I finished it in 2 days.  I couldn't put it down.  Blue's journey is heart-wrenching, breath-taking, tear-inducing, frustrating, maddening and beautiful.  I savored each page.  I was drawn into this book and my tears were flowing regularly.  Amy Harmon takes you on the journey with Blue and forces you to feel the anger, grief, desperation, hopelessness, and love that is flowing through Blue.  I really enjoyed this book and strongly recommend you read it.  

Here is one of my favorite lines in the book spoken by Blue's teacher Wilson and (*spoiler*) love interest.  :)
"Sometimes the things we want to be rescued from can save us."

Here are some others:
"Sometimes I feel like I have a huge, gaping hole from my chin to my waist, a wide open negative space that life has just carved away.  But it's not beautiful, Wilson.  Sometimes it feels empty and dark...and...and no amount of sanding or polish will make it into something it isn't.  I'm afraid if I let you love me, your love will be swallowed up in that hole and in turn YOU will be swallowed up by in."

"You can't control who loves can't let someone love you anymore than you can make someone love you."

I loved this book and I think you will too!!  If you like my reviews or you like the type of books I read be my friend on Goodreads! Chances are I want to see what you are reading too! :)

My Scale:

5 stars – made me feel what they felt, was obsessed to the point where I couldn't concentrate at work because I wanted to read. I wanted to read every free minute possible –even if it was a few minutes in the Burger King drive-thru or the couple minutes I’m waiting for the toaster.

4 stars – I felt what they felt, was moderately distracted at work and read when I could. Thought about the characters but there wasn't an impulse to read with each beat of my heart.

3 stars – great story, able to feel their emotions but wasn't distracted at work. I read when I could but not necessarily every night before I go to bed like normal.

2 stars – interesting story, but not pulled in. Finished the book because I want to know what happened at the end.

1 star – didn’t even finish the book